• Bmonsky1

    active 7 hours, 21 minutes ago - "Hey guys I’m a mom and I’m just looking to get new boobies!!! I don’t have any. I never have and I’ve always been extremely self conscious of my chest. /:"View
  • Lilyluv

    active 11 hours, 41 minutes ago - "Lets be friends 😘"View
  • Derrissa

    active 11 hours, 53 minutes ago - "Made some dinner last night! The pasta turned out really well, and I think this picture did too! Come visit more of my photos on my Instagram: @sexmetalbarbie2000"View
  • Jackie0411

    active 16 hours, 59 minutes ago - "My butt is the part I hate the most. I can’t stand to look at it. I got fat and so didn’t everything else but my ass and I get made fun of so much. It hurts. I just want to love myself."View
  • Sara

    active 20 hours, 22 minutes ago - "New here and excited to be a part of this journey! Thank you for all that you do for us Angels 💕 looking forward to see where this leads to 😘"View
  • Karli

    active 23 hours, 19 minutes ago - "I am extremely hopeful for this journey and cannot wait to begin! I am hoping to start with a breast augmentation to accentuate my slim yet slightly curvy figure! I work out diligently to keep in shape, […]"View
  • ssch0036

    active 23 hours, 23 minutes ago - "Im from Malta and it has become really common to get the boobs done. I am looking to go for a consultation with Dr.Briffa but need funding"View

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