About Allegra Cole

“I want to empower women and build a community of support to change the way we approach plastic surgery.”

When she was younger, Allegra was considered to be a musical prodigy, giving concerts with orchestras starting as young as 9. She lived in the world of music for years. Then at 27, through a devastating loss, she began to transform herself realizing how she had allowed her community and upbringing to define and limit her One of her greatest desires was to help other women feel the joy of having an improved look overall like she was able to experience. Her ambition was to show others that a woman could carry big breasts and make them look classy. She has called her style, “The extreme Jessica Rabbit look.”

Allegra has undergone breast enlargement surgery three times, increasing the size of her breasts each time until she had achieved the look she wanted.

Finding support to achieve something that is important to you is not always easy, both financially and emotionally. The surgeries are costly, and it’s not always easy to get friends and family members to understand why you want to alter your physical appearance.

Allegra wants to help other women on their plastic surgery journey and be an advocate for those considering the process. Her process is three-fold:

  • Helping others to explore plastic surgery options

  • Connecting donors and models

  • Building a community of support

Whether you’re thinking about undergoing plastic surgery yourself or you’re interested in getting involved, join our journey today and let’s start creating change!